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My work is a testament to surcharged meetings of inner reality and outward sparkings, an aesthetic adventure in the lyrical whoosh of unfettered, memory-fed, moment-dazzled experience. 
-- David Thomas Roberts, composer, pianist, visual artist and poet.
"David Thomas Roberts is that very rare artist for whom the term American Original is not a cliché or an exaggeration. As a composer, musician, painter and poet he radiates the spirit that rises from the soil, the mountains, plains and back country he so lovingly invokes in every work. Here is our eloquent dreamer, our grand visionary, a romantic in the best sense of the word - an artist who surrenders completely to inspiration. His work enchants the ear and eye like no other artist. It is a singular experience in multiple realms - a source of wonder and mysterious seduction for the ages."

-- Jake Berry, poet, musician and visual artist.